OfferPad versus Traditional Property Listing with a Local Real Estate Professional


We’ve all seen the commercials on TV for where a company will purchase your home sight unseen, right? Well, we just had to give it a try for ourselves!

Simply put, we filled out a questionnaire answering questions pertaining to our Sarasota National property’s bedrooms/baths, location, fit and finish. Once we hit the submit button, we were notified that we would receive an offer within 24-48 hours.  Pretty exciting stuff!  We patiently waited and about 7 days later our offer arrived and in the table below  is what it looked like and keep it mind it was good for 4 days!


The traditional sale comparison below provided by OfferPad, in our opinion, is flawed. Based on recent comparable sales within Sarasota National Lake Village, the sale value of our home should be $325,000. Costs to sell include Real Estate Commission of $19,500; Title Charges including State Transfer Taxes are $4,225; Cost of Ownership $6,000; Local Move $1,500. Net proceeds in a traditional sale would be $293,775 or an additional $19,275 net proceeds to seller. So you decide, which truly is the best deal?


OfferPad      vs. Traditional
Offer Price $300,000 $300,000
Avg. Days to Find Buyer* 0 90
Avg. Days to Close* You Pick 50
OfferPad Fees/Agent Commissions $18,000 $18,000
OfferPad Experience $7,500 $0
Estimated Title & Escrow $0 $2,250
Avg. Repairs TBD TBD
Est. Monthly Ownership Cost $0 $6,000
Est. Moving & Storage Cost $0 $2,500
Net Proceeds to Seller $274,500 $271,250

*Average days to find buyer and average days to close per


So that’s the OfferPad Program…..Click. Sold. Move!  Decide for yourself if you would like to sell quickly for a lesser price or let a proven professional, market, sell and handle every complex detail of your real estate transaction.  To view properties currently for sale in Sarasota National click here.


Consistently ranked in the upper tier of real estate professionals, The Parr Team offers trusted and experienced service with a genuine care for establishing long term relationships. Focusing on their client’s needs and desires enables the team to assist in finding the perfect full-time residence or seasonal getaway. Equally well, honing in on a seller’s goals allows them to craft a marketing plan geared toward achieving the best possible sale price in the shortest amount of time. Whether buying or selling, their combination of skillful negotiations and sharp attention to detail will ensure that the process happens smoothly and effortlessly.  You can read customer reviews on real estate services provided by The Parr Team, simply click here.


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